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EPA EnviroFlash

EnviroFlash is a service that automatically delivers air quality forecasts directly to subscribers. It provides "heads-up" information so people can adjust their daily activities to match expected air quality conditions. Those enrolled get only the information they select via e-mail or cell phone text messages.

Air quality forecasts for Memphis, Nashville, Chattanooga, Knoxville, Tri-Cities and the Great Smoky Mountains National Park and the Air Quality Index are currently available on the TDEC website. EnviroFlash simplifies getting air information because it sends "Air Quality Alert" notifications and the AQI forecasts directly to subscribers when the level they selected is likely to occur.

The EnviroFlash forecast pollutants are fine particulate year round and ground-level ozone during Tennesee's Ozone Season (April through October). Department of Environment and Conservation meteorologists determine whether the air quality for next day is expected to be:


Those with small children and people with cardio-pulmonary health problems (such as asthma) usually select to be notified when the air quality is predicted to be UNHEALTHY FOR SENSITIVE GROUPS. People who work or exercise strenuously are also in this category due to increased deep respiration.

People who do not have heart or lung health risks and are not as concerned about air quality may prefer to be notified when UNHEALTHY air is forecast for the general public.

Click here to view map of Tennessee EnviroFlash Forecast Areas.

Click here to register  to receive EnviroFlash notifications.

Down the road, EnviroFlash expects to add real-time air data notifications into the program. Information on other environmental topics - such as water quality - could eventually be included as well.


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