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Contact Air Pollution Control

Barry R. Stephens, Director
9th Floor, L & C Annex
401 Church Street
Nashville, TN 37243-1531
(615) 532-0554

E-mail your questions/comments to the Division of Air Pollution Control

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The Air Pollution Distance Learning Network (APDLN) is a digital "state-of-the-art" educational satellite broadcasting network of over 100 governmental and university broadcast affiliates located across the United States. The APDLN is the result of a collaborative partnership between the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (U.S. EPA), State and local air pollution control agencies, and North Carolina State University.

Timely seminars and up-to-date technical telecourses are delivered via the APDLN to State and local government environmental professionals as well as the private sector. Air quality issues are the focus of this convenient, timely and low-cost training delivery mechanism. Training is delivered to sites at a fraction of the cost of traditional classroom methods saving participants travel, time, and money, while developing and enhancing their knowledge of and skills in air pollution control and environmental program/policies.

During seminars and telecourses, participants are able to interact with the nation's leading authorities on the latest air pollution control findings, monitoring devices, and systems. Participants can ask questions of regulators and litigators, and interact with the implementers on the APDLN. Many courses delivered over the APDLN are those of the Air Pollution Training Institute, long recognized as the educational authority in the field of air quality and pollution control. Other courses are the result of partnerships being forged with other distance learning networks.

For timely and accurate air quality information, the APDLN should be your first choice. The Network is managed by the Education and Outreach Group, Office of Air Quality Planning and Standards, U.S. EPA.

Schedule and abstracts are available on EPA's website - Fleming Telecourse

FOR MORE INFORMATION CALL GREG RIGGS AT 615-532-0567 OR E-MAIL [email protected]