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2008 Meeting

July 24


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Board Characteristics: The Board shall be attached to the Department of Environment and Conservation for administrative purposes but shall be independent of the department. Expenditures from the trust fund shall be made only upon authorization of the board. The Board shall consist of eleven (11) members. Trustees shall be appointed by the Governor, subject to confirmation by each House of the General Assembly, but appointments shall be effective until adversely acted upon by the General Assembly. Persons appointed to the board shall include persons knowledgeable in the areas of land acquisition, management, conservation and protection. The membership of the board shall appropriately reflect the racial and geographic diversity of this state. At no time shall the membership of the board be composed of more than four (4) members who reside in any one of the grand divisions of the state as defined in Title 4, Chapter 1, Part 2. The Commissioner of Environment and Conservation, the Commissioner of Agriculture and the Executive Director of the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency, or their designees, shall serve as ex-officio, non-voting members of the Board. The Governor shall appoint a board chairperson from the membership of the Board. Other officers shall be selected as provided in the bylaws of the fund.

The Board is commissioned under TCA Title 11, Chapter 7.

Because the General Assembly did not pass a bill in 2008 extending the life of the board, it is currently in "wind-down" and will terminate and cease to exist on June 30, 2009 along with many other governmental entities.  However, we expect that legislation will be introduced and passed in 2009 to extend it

Trustee Term Expires Representation
Jeannine Alday 10-31-2010 East Tennessee
William (Buck) Clark, Jr. 10-31-2011 West Tennessee
Pete Claussen 10-31-2009 East Tennessee
Bruce Dobie 10-31-2008 Middle Tennessee
Lydia (Mabel) Arroyo 10-31-2010 Middle Tennessee
J. Andrew (Drew) Goddard 10-31-2009 Middle Tennessee
Mary H. Johnson 10-31-2008 East Tennessee
Cheryl W. Patterson 10-31-2011 West Tennessee
John W. Rose 10-31-2011 Middle Tennessee
Vacant 10-31-2009 West Tennessee
Earl Worsham 10-31-2008 East Tennessee