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Municipal Solid Waste Advisory Commission

For the agenda to this board's next meeting, please visit the Sunshine Notice.

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Board Characteristics: Fifteen members appointed by the Commissioner of Environment and Conservation for four-year terms. Includes one representative each from the recycling industry, development districts, a statewide organization of business interests, the waste management industry, a statewide organization for environmental concerns, agriculture, the Tennessee Environmental Council and the tire industry; three public members representing the three grand divisions of the state, and two county and two municipal representatives. One county representative and one municipal representative must represent the four most populous counties and municipalities, to be nominated by the Tennessee County Services Association and the Tennessee Municipal League, respectively. These two appointments shall alternate among the four most populous counties and municipalities, so that these shall not be replaced with an official from the same county or municipality and so that all four counties and municipalities have been represented. Also, the county official and the municipal official shall not be from the same county at the time of their selection. At least one member of the committee must be female. (S of S ID 4016)

Commissioned under T.C.A. 68-211-841

The statute authorizing this board expires: June 30, 2008

Member Term Expires Representation
Lewis D. Bumpus, Chair 12-31-2008 Tennessee Environmental Council
Mayor J.H. Graham III, Vice Chair 12-31-2007 Municipalities
Karen Birkenstock 12-31-2007 Recycling Industry

Penny Brooks

12-31-2011 Environmental Interests
Robert Cheney 12-31-2007 Waste Management Industry
Mayor Kevin Davis 12-31-2008 County Government
Geneil Dillehay 12-31-2007 Public - Middle Tennessee
Theodore Fox, III 12-31-2008 Public - West Tennessee
Don Hyman 12-31-2008 Tire Industry
Alan Knowles 12-31-2008 Urban County
Ken Purser 12-31-2008 Agriculture
Susan Reid 12-31-2008 Development Districts
Diane Scher 12-31-2007 Business Interests
John S. Waddle, Jr. 12-31-2008 Public - East Tennessee
Bob Whetsel 12-31-2008 Urban municipality

Non-Voting Technical Advisors Representation
Jack Barkenbus, Ph.D. UT Waste Management Institute
Chuck Head Dept. of Environment and Conservation
Mary Taylor UT Institute for Public Service