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Board Characteristics: Eleven members appointed by the Governor for staggered terms. Composed of five anthropologists representing the University of Tennessee, University of Memphis, Vanderbilt University, Middle Tennessee State University and East Tennessee State University; one representative from the Tennessee Historical Commission; one representative from a recognized archaeological association in Tennessee; three members of Native American descent and representative of the Native American community in Tennessee; and one member from the public at large.

Commissioned under T.C.A. 11-6-103

The statute authorizing this board expires: June 30, 2011 (ID 4001)

Member Term Expires Representation
Dr. Jeff Chapman, Chairman 06-30-2013 University of Tennessee
Mr. Corky Allen 06-30-2010 Native American Community, 25% blood quantum (East Tennessee)
Patrick Bentley Cummins 6-30-2013 Native American Community (Middle Tennessee)
Ms. Georgia Dennis 06-30-2013 Public-at-Large
Dr. David Dye 06-30-2010 University of Memphis
Dr. Jay D. Franklin 06-30-2011 East Tennessee State University
Dr. John Janusek 06-30-2007 Vanderbilt University
Dr. Zada Law 06-30-2011 Archaeological Association
Michael G. Lynch 06-30-2012 Native American Community 25% blood quantum (West Tennessee)
Dr. Thomas Maher 06-30-2011 Tennessee Historical Commission
Dr. Kevin Smith 06-30-2012 Middle Tennessee State University