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This commission meets on the following dates in 2007

March 17 - Nashville
June 9 - Chattanooga
July 21 - Nashville
August 25 - Knoxville

November 17 - Nashville

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For information regarding this board or a board member please contact [email protected]
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Minutes of Past Meetings

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 2005  2007



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Board Characteristics: At least seven members appointed for terms of four years staggered. Three members are appointed by the Governor, two by the Speaker of Senate, and two by the Speaker of House. Meetings will be held, at least, quarterly.

Commissioned under T.C.A. 4-34-101 through 108

The statute authorizing this board expires: June 30, 2008

Member Term Expires Representation
Shelley Allen 10-31-09 Memphis Metropolitan Area
David Teat 10-31-09 Nashville Metropolitan Area
Jeanie King
10-31-09 Knoxville Metropolitan Area
Thomas (Tom) Kunesh, Secretary 10-31-09 Chattanooga Metropolitan Area
Evangeline W. Lynch, Chair 10-31-07 West Grand Division
James (Jimmy) Clayton Reedy 10-31-07 Middle Grand Division
Kippy L. Vaughn, Vice-Chair 10-31-07 East Grand Division