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Water Withdrawal Registration Program

The Water Resources Information Program collects information on the withdrawal and use of water within Tennessee. The information is used to identify water uses and resources that may require management at critical times, especially drought conditions. The purpose of the program is to protect the water resources of Tennessee from over-utilization.

Under the authority of the Water Resources Information Act of 2002, TCA, Section 69-8-103, water withdrawals of 10,000 gallons or more on any day in Tennessee must be registered.

  • Collect water withdrawal/use data

Underground Injection Control (UIC)

The Groundwater Management Program serves as the State’s coordinating agency for the development of a Comprehensive State Ground Water Protection Plan with EPA and state agencies with ground water responsibilities. A major focus of the program is Wellhead Protection, protecting ground water sources of public water systems. The section also regulates ground water discharges through management of the Underground Injection Control (UIC) program (both deep well injection and shallow non-hazardous injection such as storm water discharge) under the authority of the Water Quality Control Act.

  • Wellhead Protection for Public Water Systems relying on Ground Water
  • Source Water Assessment and Protection for Public Water Systems relying on Surface Water
  • Underground Injection Control and Ground Water Contamination Investigations
  • Cross Program/Agency Coordination on Ground Water and Source Water Protection
  • Public Education and Outreach
  • GIS (Geographic Information System)

Well Program

The Well Driller Supervision Program licenses well drillers, pump setters, and water treatment device installers in the State. Licensed individuals must develop wells and install equipment according to standards, which are designed to protect the resource and insure consumers of a safe and reliable structure.

The duties of the Commissioner are given in TCA, Section 69-11-106 and include, among other things, the authority to:

  • License drillers, pump installers, and water treatment device installers
  • Inspect well construction
  • Investigate complaints
  • Promulgate Rules relative to well construction