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The Education and Outreach Program is available to people from all walks of life. The EO provides technical information, technical assistance, networking and recognition to schools, businesses, industries, government agencies, organizations, and households. By hosting and supporting environmental conferences and forums, the Education and Outreach Program encourages community participation and promotes pollution prevention and environmental awareness throughout Tennessee.

State Employee Recycling Program

Electronics Recycling

State Parks Environmental Initiatives

Pollution Prevention

Pollution is defined as something unclean or impure. Pollution negatively affects our air, land, and water, thus reducing our quality of life. Although, pollution is a normal by-product of industrialization and living, the amount of pollution created can be minimized. There are several ways you can reduce pollution including: energy conservation, chemical management, environmentally preferable purchasing, solid waste reduction, and water conservation.

Pollution prevention (P2) is source reduction. If a potential pollutant is eliminated at its source, it never causes pollution and thus never needs to be regulated, monitored, or cleaned up. With this in mind, P2 offers great opportunity for protecting our shared environment.

TP3 -- Tennessee Pollution Prevention Partnership

The Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation is helping all citizens do their part for our shared environment through the Tennessee Pollution Prevention Partnership, or TP3. This network of Tennessee households, schools, government agencies, organizations, businesses and industries demonstrates that pollution prevention protects the environment, saves money, and improves communities. The Tennessee Pollution Prevention Partnership also works with the Tennessee Pollution Prevention Roundtable to promote greener industries statewide.

EPA Programs

Ptrack -- Performance Track

H2E -- Hospitals for a Healthy Environment

WasteWise Champion

For more information about the Education and Outreach programs, please contact Karen Grubbs at 615-532-0463 or 1-800-734-3619 or by email at [email protected].