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** Environmental Notes **


The TN P2 Roundtable Vision and Mission Statement

One of Tennessee's greatest pollution prevention success stories resulted from the Tennessee Pollution Prevention Roundtable, an independent organization of dedicated environmental groups, educational institutions, government agencies and industries.  Originally called the Tennessee 2000 Initiative their goal was to reduce by 50% Toxic Release Inventory pollution emissions from Tennessee's top thirteen industries by the year 2000.  Despite such an ambitious goal, the group measured a greater than 50% reduction in TRI emissions by 1998!

The Tennessee Pollution Prevention Roundtable continues to meet approximately quarterly to promote pollution prevention opportunities statewide.  The meetings are held in various locations across the state, in conjunction with conferences or hosted by TP3 Performers.  Generally, alternating meetings are held in the Nashville area. Current endeavors include supporting regional environmental forums, the Higher Education Sustainability Workgroup and the Tennessee Pollution Prevention Partnership.

Save the Date: 2008 P2 Conference flyer

March 18, 2008 Meeting Notes

For more information about the Tennessee Pollution Prevention Partnership, please contact Karen Grubbs at 615-532-0463 or 1-800-734-3619 or by email at [email protected].