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Clover Bottom Mansion

Contact The Commission

E. Patrick McIntyre, Jr., Executive Director
Clover Bottom Mansion
2941 Lebanon Road
Nashville, TN 37243-0442

Mission Statement

The mission of the Tennessee Historical Commission is to encourage the inclusive diverse study of Tennessee's history for the benefit of future generations; to protect, preserve, interpret, operate, maintain, and administer historic sites; to mark important locations, persons, and events in Tennessee history; to assist in worthy publication projects; to review, comment on and identify projects that will potentially impact state-owned and non-state-owned historic properties; to locate, identify, record and nominate to the National Register of Historic Places all properties which meet National Register criteria, and to implement other programs of the National Historic Preservation Act of 1966 as amended.

The Tennessee Historical Commission has many programs related to history and historic preservation. You can find these programs listed under the "State Programs" and "Federal Programs" sections of the web page. We also hope you look at our staff directory and our page of interesting links to other historic preservation web sites

The staff of the Commission is located at historic Clover Bottom Mansion. The first floor of the building is open to the public, but we ask that you make an appointment before coming to visit. The second floor of the building contains staff offices. If you have business with any of the staff or need to look at site files, you should contact the staff person (see our staff directory) and let him or her know you will be here and what files you would like to see.