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Hiking Trails

The park has four hiking trails with the gorge area below the dam being the most popular.

Caney Fork Gorge
A beautiful limestone gorge runs between the Great Falls Dam and the Twin Falls. This is a popular area for rock hopping, swimming and fishing. The area is populated with Great Blue Herons, wildflowers and waterfalls.

Collins River Nature Trail
A three mile loop along the outer edge of the Collin's River peninsula. The trail winds beside the riverbank and gives the hiker a chance to view white-tailed deer, pileated woodpeckers, Christmas ferns and a wide variety of wildflowers.

Eagle Trail
This 1 1/2 mile trail runs from the Blue Hole picnic area to the Badger Flatt picnic area down by the park's natural sand beach on Center Hill Lake. This trail is naturally stocked with an abundant array of wildflowers and songbirds. Flowers include mountain laurel, pink and white trillium, little brown jug, bloodroot and yellow violet. Some birds which can be seen include prothonotary warblers, belted kingfishers and osprey.

Moonshine Trail
This short half mile trail runs past the base of an old moonshine still and is teaming with wildlife. Hikers on this trail might get to see Firepink, Jack-in-the Pulpit, deer and barred owls. This trail begins at the tennis court parking lot and ends next to campsite 39.

These are our four main hiking areas in the park but there are a number of other places in the park worth exploring. Feel free to contact Gregg Garrison the park's Naturalist, for more information concerning trails.

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