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Tims's Ford Management Plan

This report is available by sections in .pdf format as listed below
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Table of Contents
Cover Page
Signature Page

(A-F in .pdf format - 33.4 kb)
A. Executive Summary

B. Mission for Tennessee State Parks

C. Tims Ford State Park Mission

D. Park History

E. Park Use Classification

F. Ecoregional Designation

G. Status Report - in .pdf format - (131k)

G1. Land Based Resources

General Description


Land and Water Conservation Fund

Condition of Boundaries


Land Zones

G2. Natural and Cultural Resource Management

G3. Visitation

G4. Park Infrastructure

Water Service

Electric Service

Sewage Treatment

Trash Removal


Park Roads

Parking Areas

Visitor Center and office


Maintenance Area

Small Boat Harbor

Picnic area



Swimming Pool

Recreation Building


Existing Facilities at Tims Ford State Park

Bear Trace Golf Course

TERRM Properties

Handicap Access

G5. Equipment


TERRM Equipment

G6. Retail Operations and Facilities


TERRM Facilities

G7. Recreation Facilities and Programs

G8. Interpretive Facilities and Programs

G9. Facilities Management and Maintenance

G10. Safety and Security

Distance from Tims Ford State Park

Distance from TERRM Office

G11. Personnel

Park Personnel

TERRM Personnel

G12. Park Budget and Funding

G13. TERRM Operations and Resources

G14. Marketing

G15. Assessment and Planning

G16. Management Options, Impacts and Constraints

Access Fee Program

Friends Groups and Other Non-profits

Contract Services and Leases

H. Significant Issues - in .pdf format (19.8kb)

1. Land Base Resources

2. Natural And Cultural Resource Management

3. Visitation

4. Park Infrastructure

5. Equipment

6. Retail Operations And Facilities

7. Recreation Facilities And Programs

8. Interpretive Facilities And Programs

9. Facilities Management And Maintenance

10. Safety And Security

11. Personnel

12. Park Budget And Funding

13. Terrm Operations And Resources

14. Marketing

15. Assessment And Planning

16. Management Options, Impacts And Constraints

I. Strategies - in .pdf format - (23.2kb)

FIGURES (files below are in .pdf format)

>Figure 1 Map of Tims Ford State Park (.jpg) or (.pdf)

>Figure 2 Visitation by Month

>Figure 3 Summer Season Visitation

>Figure 4 Spring Season Visitation

>Figure 5 Fall Season Visitation

>Figure 6 Winter Season Visitation

>Figure 7 Cabin Rentals, 10-Year Trend

>Figure 8 Cabin Rentals by Month

>Figure 9 Cabin Occupancy, 10-Year Trend

>Figure 10 Cabin Occupancy by Month

>Figure 11 Seasonal Cabin Rental

>Figure 12 Seasonal Cabin Occupancy

>Figure 13 Camp Sites Sold

>Figure 14 Campground Occupancy

>Figure 15 Camp Site Rentals by Month

>Figure 16 Campground Occupancy by Month

>Figure 17 Spring And Summer Camp Site Rentals

>Figure 18 Fall And Winter Camp Site Rentals

>Figure 19 Spring And Summer Campground Occupancy

>Figure 20 Fall And Winter Campground Occupancy

>Figure 21 Swim Tickets Sold, 10-Year Trend

>Figure 22 Revenue And Expenditures


Appendix A – Use Classification

Appendix B – Ecoregions

Appendix C – Land Management Zones
Maps of the park in .pdf format (figc1.pdf) and (figc2.pdf)
Map of the park in .jpg format (figc1.jpg) and (figc2.jpg)

Appendix D - Public Comments (.pdf format)
Figd1a, Figd1b, Figd2, Figd3, Figd4