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Tennessee State Parks Specialty Plate

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IRIS Fund Project Photos

Limestone sinkhole built outside the office at Cedars of Lebanon SP not only drains water away from the building, but also provides a handy interpretive park feature. (Photo courtesy John Froeschauer)

Circulating stream empties into pond behind the visitor center at Natchez Trace. Planted with Pickerel Weed and River Oats, the aquatic feature attracts birds, which visitors may view through a nearby window. (Photo courtesy John Froeschauer)

Rose Verbena and Goldenrod add late summer color to the visitor center planting at the Meeman-Shelby SP visitor center. (Photo courtesy John Froeschauer)

Specialty license plates highlighting Tennessee State Parks are a great way for Tennessee motorists to show the world they care about Tennessee's most special places, while financially supporting protection and maintenance of these natural treasures. This license plate features attractive art work and will be a great addition to your vehicle, with the funds going to a worthy cause.

About the Tennessee State Parks plate

Beautiful Tennessee irises grace the Tennessee State Parks license plate. Funds from the purchase of this license plate are used to plant and take care of trees, shrubs, plants and flowers in Tennessee's state parks.

Under the Iris Fund program, individual state parks nominate landscaping projects to re-establish native trees, flowers, plants, and shrubs, establish or re-establish wildlife habitat, and to use native species as a visual "screen" for chain link fences, maintenance areas, water tanks, utility equipment and more.

Funds may also be used to control erosion and stabilize stream banks, plant low maintenance trees and native plants and grasses to cut down on areas that need to be mowed, re-establish species that were historically used in the area to teach park visitors about the natural history of the area, remove invasive exotic plants (such as privet, Japanese honeysuckle, autumn olive, bush honeysuckle, multiflora rose, and a host of others) from in Tennessee State Parks, and to beautify unattractive areas in state parks with native species.

Available to: Any Tennessee resident registering a private passenger motor vehicle.

Annual Fee: $56.50 - Personalized $91.50

Personalized Plate Available: Yes

Personalized Characters Available: 5