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Environmental Permits Handbook

Ginseng Dealer Permit

* * What Information Must I Provide?
* * What Fees are Required?
* * What are the Division's Responsibilities
After the Permit is Issued?

Who Needs One?

Any ginseng dealer who purchases ginseng collected in Tennessee with the intent to resale must obtain a ginseng dealer permit.

What Information Must I Provide?

Applicants must submit "Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation, Division of Natural Heritage, Ginseng Dealer Registration and Permit" form (Form CN-0639). Applications must be received prior to August 1 to be valid for the harvest season which begins on August 15. If an application is received on or after August 15, the permit issued for the application will take effect on the date of issuance. Applicants provide information about the dealer name, dealer’s agent, name of the business or organizations, and the dealer’s address. Applicants must have an approved permit and monthly purchase books before purchasing and selling any ginseng.

Form Description
Form #
Application Form
Ginseng Dealer Registration and Permit
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How Will My Application Be Processed?

Completed application forms and fee should be sent to the Division Natural Heritage. A detailed review of the application is conducted, and the applicant is sent a copy of the approved permit and purchase receipts when the review is complete. The review process generally takes one week. The ginseng dealer permit expires on August 14 of each year and must be renewed. To renew the permit, a new application must be submitted along with the fee.

What Fees Are Required?

Permit Fee: $250

What Are My Rights and Responsibilities After the Permit is Approved?

The applicant is responsible for complying with the state laws governing ginseng harvest including harvesting only during the harvest season August 15 – December 31, collecting only plants with 3 or more leaves (prongs) and ripe (red) berries, replanting berries at the collection site, and obtaining landowner permission to collect. The ginseng dealer season is August 15 - March 31. Ginseng dealers must keep accurate records and submit Monthly Purchase Receipts of their purchases and an Annual Report of their purchases and sales to the Division of Natural Heritage. To move ginseng out of the state requires an Export Certificate from a certifying official. Any ginseng dealer possessing ginseng at the end of the buying season (March 31) must obtain a Weight Certificate from a certifying official.

The ginseng dealer has the right to appeal any suspension, revocation and/or denial of their permit.

What Are the Division’s Rights and Responsibilities After the Permit is Approved?

The Division of Natural Heritage is responsible for reviewing and maintaining data included on Monthly Purchase Receipts and Annual Reports. The Division has the right to revoke, suspend, or deny the issuance of a permit to any ginseng dealer who violates the state statutes or departmental regulations. Any person violating the provisions of the state statutes or departmental regulations is guilty of a misdemeanor and punishable under the general laws relating to misdemeanors.

Whom Do I Contact For Applications, Assistance and Other Information?

Applicants may obtain applications and information from the Tennessee Division of Natural Heritage.

Applicants may refer to the following publications for further information:

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TDEC Rule 0400-6-1 exittdec3.gif (1060 bytes) Ginseng Dealer Registration

TCA Section 62-28-101..107exittdec3.gif (1060 bytes) Ginseng Dealers

TCA Section70-8-201..205exittdec3.gif (1060 bytes) Ginseng Harvest Season