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Environmental Permits Handbook

Waste Permit Application Forms

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Application for Certification of Pollution Control Equipment for Property Tax or Sales Tax

Permit Forms

Form Description Form # Application
Form & Instr.
Solid Waste Permit-By-Rule CN-1035 pdfsmall.gif (153 bytes)
Solid Waste Disposal Facility (Landfill) Permit CN-1036 pdfsmall.gif (153 bytes)
Hazardous Waste Permit EPA 8700-23 (Part A) Link to form and instructions for EPA 8700-23 (partA)
exittdec3.gif (1060 bytes)
Notification for Underground Storage Tanks N/A pdfsmall.gif (153 bytes)
Amended Notification for Underground Storage Tanks - Seller Reporting Change of Ownership of Tanks N/A pdfsmall.gif (153 bytes)
Waste Evaluation Application CN-1051 pdfsmall.gif (153 bytes)
Waste Evaluation Fee Worksheet CN- 0932 pdfsmall.gif (153 bytes)
Drycleaning Facilities Registration form (form ) CN-1063 pdfsmall.gif (153 bytes)
Drycleaning Solvent Suppliers/Distributors Registration form (form ) CN-1062 pdfsmall.gif (153 bytes)
Best Management Practices (BMPs) certification statement   pdfsmall.gif (153 bytes)
DCERP Reimbursement Application (For Approved Costs) form CN-1125 pdfsmall.gif (153 bytes)
Application for Entry into the DCERP CN-1124 pdfsmall.gif (153 bytes)
Application for Subsurface Sewage Disposal Systems Installer Permit CN-0763 pdfsmall.gif (153 bytes)
Application for Domestic Septage Disposal Site Permit CN-1047 pdfsmall.gif (153 bytes)
Transfer of Registration - Solid Waste Disposal or Processing Operation CN-1092 pdfsmall.gif (153 bytes) or wordmed.gif (222 bytes)
Solid Waste Application Filing/Processing Fee CN-0934 pdfsmall.gif (153 bytes)
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