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Environmental Permits Handbook

Notification for Used Oil Management

* Who Needs One? * What Information Must I Provide?
* How Will My Application be Processed? * What Fees are Required?
* What are My  Responsibilities
After the Permit is Issued?
* What are the Division's Responsibilities
After the Permit is Issued?

Who Needs To File A Registration or Notification For Used Oil Management?

All used oil management permits are 'permit-by-rule', meaning that facility operation and maintenance standards are established by regulations and not developed for facilities on an individual basis. Applicants use either the Registration or Notification forms to apply for approval to operate a used oil management facility in Tennessee, and transporters also submit additional documentation for Certification. Used oil generators are not required to complete an application; however, they are accountable for meeting generator standards described in the regulations.

What Information Must I Provide?

Used Oil Collection Centers are only required to Register. All other facilities including transporters, transfer facilities, processors, re-refiners, marketers, and burners of off-specification used oil fuel must complete the Notification process. In addition, transporters must provide additional documentation to become Certified in Tennessee. All information must be provided to the Used Oil Management Program prior to facility operation. Facilities filing a Notification must also submit an application for an EPA ID # if they do not already have one for the physical location of the facility.

Permit Forms

Form Description Form # Application Form
& Instructions
Used Oil Notification HN pdfsmall.gif (153 bytes)
Used Oil Transporter Certification Requirements Used Oil
Notification Fee for EPA ID # Form NF

How Will My Application Be Evaluated And Processed?

Once all information has been submitted and approved, you will receive an approval letter and a registration number. All facilities will receive a UOP number.

What Fees Are Required?

There is a one-time fee of $100 for each EPA ID number that is issued for transporters, transfer facilities, processors, re-refiners, marketers, and burners of off-specification used oil.

What Are My Rights And Responsibilities After The Permit is Issued?

The rights and responsibilities of the registrants are specified in the Standards for the Management of Used Oil. Basically the applicant has the right to proceed with approved activities according to the rules and conditions specified by the Division. The applicant must notify the Division of Solid Waste Management in writing of changes in facility operation, as described by regulation, within 30 days of the changes. Transporters and processors of used oil must also file an annual report with the Division by March 1st of each year.

What Are The Division's Rights And Responsibilities After The Approval?

It is the responsibility of the Division of Solid Waste Management to regulate the storage, transportation, processing or re-refining, marketing, and burning of off-specification used oil to protect public health and the environment. This includes the right to inspect facilities, issue a Notice of Violation, and pursue further enforcement action if warranted by failure to meet standards established by regulation.

How do I Obtain Applications, Assistance and Other Sources of Information?

Applicants may contact the TDEC Environmental Assistance Centers for information about management standards, or contact Nina Vo in the Central Office, at 615/532-9268 or email [email protected].

Applicants may refer to the state and federal used oil regulations for further information:

For information regarding vehicle inspections, see:

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TDEC Rule Chapter 1200-1-11-.11exittdec3.gif (1060 bytes): The Standards for the Management of Used Oil

TCA § 65-15-113exittdec3.gif (1060 bytes) Tennessee Water Quality Control Act of 1977

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