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Published six times a year, The TENNESSEE CONSERVATIONIST is dedicated to promoting the mission of the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation to preserve, protect and wisely use the state's natural and cultural resources.

Subscriptions are $15 for one year; $22 for two years; $30 for three years.

Phil Bredesen

Jim Fyke
Environment and Conservation Commissioner

Paul Sloan
Environment and Conservation Deputy Commissioner

Louise Zepp

Jeff Law
Art Director/Designer

Ventrese Louise Hall
Circulation Manager

Melisa Ricard
Administrative Secretary

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The Tennessee Conservationist
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     The Tennessee Conservationist features Fran Wallas’ Great Hikes in Tennessee State Parks in each issue of the magazine. Fran is an accomplished trailblazer and trailbuilder with a gift for sharing her experiences from a variety of pathways crisscrossing Tennessee State Parks. Drawing upon her first-person encounters with state park hiking and walking trails, Fran offers helpful insight ranging from each trail’s degree of difficulty to the types of unique natural features one should expect to find along that hike.

Fran Wallas is an avid hiker. She works as an attorney for the
Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation in Nashville.
Join her as she hikes Tennessee's State Parks and enjoys our good nature.

2008 Great Hikes

January-February 2008
Cumberland Mtn State Park
The narrow passage on Pioneer Trail at Cumberland Mountain
State Park in Crossville.
March-April 2008
Meeman-Shelby Forest SP
Cypress knees on Pioneer Springs Trail at Meeman-Shelby Forest State Park.
May-June 2008
Old Stone Fort
Virginia Bluebells in bloom March-May at Old Stone Fort State Archaeological Park in Manchester.
July-August 2008
Fall Creek Falls State Park Photo by Fran Wallas
The trailhead of the Gilbert Gaul Trail at Fall Creek Falls State Park.

2007 Great Hikes

January-February 2007
Long Hunter State Park
Three Ways to Hike The Perfect Winter Trail at Long Hunter State Park
March-April 2007
Standing Stone State Park
The Lake Trail’s in Bloom at Standing Stone
May-June 2007
Burgess Falls SNA
The butterfly garden at Burgess Falls State Natural Area.
July-August 2007
Cumberland Trail Photo by Fran Wallas
Sandstone rock house at the beginning of the Obed Wild and Scenic River Segment.
September-October 2007
Roan Mountain Photo by Fran Wallas
Chestnut Ridge Trail at Roan Mountain State Park in Roan Mountain.
November-December 2007
Savage GulfPhoto by Fran Wallas
A view from the Savage Creek Overlook in Savage Gulf.

2006 Great Hikes

January-February 2006
Pickett State Park
Pickett State Park’s Hidden Passage Trail is a Wonderful Winter Trek
March-April 2006
Radnor Lake State Park
Radnor Lake State Natural Area Offers an Easy Hike for People Wild About Wildflowers
May-June 2006
Frozen Head State Park
Frozen Head State Natural Area Offers an Overnight Hike With Scenic Detours
July-August 2006
Carter Natural Area
Buggytop Cave–A Cool Hike for a Hot Day
September-October 2006
NB Forrest State Park
Nathan Bedford Forrest State Park – A Colorful Woodland Loop
November-December 2006
Montgomery Bell State Park
A Six-Mile Overnight Hike For Beginners of All Ages

2005 Great Hikes

January-February 2005
Mousetail Landing State Park
Intermediate Overnight Loop Trail at Mousetail Landing State Park
March-April 2005
South Cumberland
Beginner Backpacking Hike to Horsepound Falls
May-June 2005
Cumberland Trail
Rock Creek Segment Offers A Shady Hike for a Hot Day
July-August 2005
Fall Creek Falls State Park
Fall Creek Falls Cable Trail - The Shortest Hard Hike
September-October 2005
Big Ridge State Park
Big Ridge State Park - A Haunted Hike For the Halloween Season
November-December 2005
Big Hill Pond State Park
Wetlands, Wilderness and Wildlife at Big Hill Pond

Totaling nearly one thousand miles, Tennessee State Parks' trails reflect the state's great natural diversity and offer an incredible array of outdoor recreational opportunities.