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Online Licensing
TWRA Fisheries Management Division

Fishing Regulations 2008 Interactive Fishing Regulations

Adobe PDF Format2008 Printable Fishing Regulations

Recent Updates

Reservoir Program Streams and Rivers
Fish Community Surveys
Habitat Monitoring
Angler Surveys
Reservoir Maps
Black Bass Management
- Adobe Acrobat Reader TWRA Bass Management Plan
- Adobe Acrobat FormatTWRA Smallmouth Bass Management Plan
- Adobe Acrobat FormatRelease Mortality Brochure
Warmwater Streams
Wild Trout Streams
Stocked Trout
Tailwater Trout
Mississippi River
Fishing Conditions
Ponds and Small Lakes Commercial Fishing
Pond/Small Lake Management
Fish For Stocking
TWRA Family Fishing Lakes
State Park Lakes
Fee Fishing
Other Private Ponds and Lakes
Adobe Acrobat Format Ponds - Planning, Design, & Construction Booklet
Southern Regional Aquaculture Center(SRAC)Fact Sheets
Adobe Acrobat FormatCommercial Fishing Regs
Adobe Acrobat FormatMiscellaneous Licenses App.
Contact Information
Freshwater Mussels Hatchery Program
Adobe Acrobat ReaderMussel Regulations 2008-2009
More on Mussels
TWRA Hatchery System
Regional Office Links License Information
Region 1 Fishing Report
Region 2 Fishing Report
Region 3 Fishing Report
Region 4 Fishing Report
Region 4 Reservoir Fisheries Management Homepage
Region 4 Stream Survey Homepage
Erwin State Trout Hatchery
Adobe Acrobat FormatSenior Citizen License Order Form
Adobe Acrobat FormatMiscellaneous Licenses Application
Ordering a License Online
Fish Facts Miscellaneous Information
Tennessee State Record Fish
Temperate Bass Key
Spawning Temperature Table
Fish Pictures (Created By Jim Negus, Region 4 Website)
TWRA Fisheries Office Phone Numbers
Federal Aid Projects
Contaminants in Fish
Other Links of Interest

Southeastern Aquatic Resources Partnership

Fishing Is Fun Fish America Fountation Stop Aquatic Hitchhikers


Quick Links

TWRA Family Fishing Lakes
TWRA Family Fishing Lakes
Tennessee Angler Recognition Program (TARP)
BITE Program
(Bass Information From Tournament Entries)
Artwork Courtesy of Duane Raver, USFWS
Tennessee State Fish Records
Take it To The Bank
Adobe Acrobat FormatTake it To The Bank (a guide to bank fishing locations throughout Tennessee)
First Fish Award
First Fish Award
Pond Management Guide
Adobe Acrobat FormatManaging Small Fishing Ponds and Lakes in Tennessee