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Don't Forget! Youth Hunts Are Shaping Up For Fall

Giles County Youth Programs
Youth programs play an important role in Giles County and also the surrounding counties of Middle Tennessee. These programs allow the children to learn about the world around them in a fun and interesting way. (more)


Just because you're out of school doesn't mean you should stop learning! Get outside and learn about the world around you. Take a hike in a State Park, set up an easy wildlife habitat in your backyard, go fishing, try your hand at boating, or go camping. The possibilities are endless and you'll have lots of fun (while still learning) in the process!

Young lady holds a TWRA Hunter Education CD-RomHunter Education Reminder!
Anyone 10 or older: Before you hunt the coming hunting seasons, you must have a Hunter Education Certificate. There's still time! Check out the current class dates in your area in our Hunter Education Class section. You can even take the course online or by CD!

TWRA First Fish Award
Congratulations, your First Fish!
TWRA Fist Fish Award

The First Fish Award is designed to commemorate that special moment in every boy's or girl's life-the landing of their first fish. The award recognizes this special moment with a framable certificate identifying the angler, the fish caught, and other details of that moment. Size of the fish and age of the angler have no bearing, only that the fish is their first.

You can fill out the Award online, and then print it. Click on each line of the award to be filled out. Note: If you have a picture of your catch, you may choose to paste it over the graphic on the certificate once it's printed.

First Fish Award (signed by the Chief of Fisheries)

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