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Biking/Hiking Trails

Deer at Panther Creek SP

Panther Creek offers 13 hiking and biking trails, 5 are hiking only. No motorized vehicles are allowed on the trails. Experienced mountain bikers are encouraged to leave their cars in the parking area near Panther Creek Road, just to the west of Boat Ramp Road. Less experienced riders may use any parking area. A sign at each trail head gives the name of the trail and its distance. The sign may also state how far it is to a connecting trail.

  • Printable Trail Map
  • Hiking and Biking Trail Descriptions
    1. & 2. Old Farm Trails are easy 1.0 or 1.5 mile loops.
    3. Trout Lily Trail is a 2.0 mile loop developed by the Appalachian Mountain Bike Club. It's for experienced bicyclists.
    4. Deer Run Trail winds back and forth for 0.8 miles
    5. Piney Cove Trail after 0.6 mile, connects with either Old Wagon Trail or Panther Path.
    6. Panther Path starts near the park entrance. It quickly joins Piney Cove Trail which leads to all other bicycle trails.
    7. Norris Blackburn Trail is a 0.2 mile uphill to a wildlife observatory.
    8. Old Wagon Trail is great for youngsters. It's flat for 0.8 mile and connects with Deer Run Trail which is more difficult.

    Hiking Trail Descriptions - Open to hikers only
    9. Nature Trail is an easy 1.2 mile loop. The self-guided nature trail was developed by Friends of the Park.
    10. Ore Mine Trail is a hilly 1.5 mile loop with a scenic wooden bridge.
    11. Sink Holes Trail is a 0.6 mile loop that runs by seven limestone sink holes.
    12. Point Lookout Trail is a 1.2 mile loop. After climbing a long steep hill, there is a scenic overlook 400 feet above Cherokee Lake.
    13. Ridge Crest Trail descends 0.7 mile to Cherokee Lake. It's steep - and so is the climb back.

    Contact the park if you need more information on the trails.

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