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This board meets on the following dates in 2008

April 4


For the agenda to this board's next meeting, please visit the Sunshine Notice.

For information regarding this board or a board member please contact [email protected]
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Board Characteristics: Fifteen members appointed by the Department of Environment and Conservation's Commissioner. Initial appointments served two to four-year staggered terms. By-Laws adopted in 2005 by the Council provide that all re-appointments shall serve three-year terms. Members must have demonstrated that they are an active trail user from motorized, non-motorized, or multi-use trails or are an advocate for promoting natural resource conservation and the establishment of greenways. Each of these interests should be equally represented and shall include representation from the general public and Tennessee industry. The Chair of the Commissioner's Council on Greenways and Trails is appointed by the Department of Environment and Conservation's Commissioner.

Commissioned under Federal Law.

The statute authorizing this board expires: June 30, 2010

Member Term Expires
Jeannine Alday 01-31-2009
Oliver Barry 01-31-2010
Tony Black 01-31-2011
Tom Connor 01-31-2011
Shain Dennison 01-31-2011
Jeffrey Allen Golden 01-31-2009
Jill Holland 01-31-2009
Jeffrey Hunter 01-31-2009
Sandra Kurtz 01-31-2011
Anne Marshall Ex-Officio
Lisa Powers 01-31-2010
Daniel C. Reese 01-31-2010
Bob Richards Ex-Officio
Vacant 01-31-2009
Diana Threadgill 01-31-2010
John Wilbanks, Chairman 01-31-2010
Vacant 01-31-2011