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Information about the programs dedicated to protecting and improving Tennessee's Air Quality.

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Program Areas

Division of Air Pollution Control- The Division of Air Pollution Control is directed to maintain the purity of the air resources of the State of Tennessee consistent with the protection of normal health, general welfare, and physical property of the people while preserving maximum employment and enhancing the industrial development of the State.

Division of Radiological Health - DRH regulates releases into the environment from facilities that utilize radioactive materials as well as the release or disposal of contaminated materials.

Resource Information/Reports

Air Quality Ozone Report to the 104th General Assembly

Tennessee Air Quality Forecasting Program - A Look as Status and Trends - A review of preliminary ambient ozone data generated by the State of Tennessee's ozone monitoring network.


Environmental Stewardship Awards - Annual awards recognizing the many voluntary efforts throughout the state that improve environmental and conservation stewardship.

Public Participation Opportunities - A list of current public notices of permitting decisions, public hearings, and rule-making activities available on-line.

Board Meetings - The public is invited to attend the meetings of our regulatory boards.

Tennessee Vehicle Inspection Program - emissions inspections to help control ozone.

EnviroFlash - Air quality forecast delivered directly to subscribers.

Ozone Early Action Compact - Tennessee's attempt to deal early with areas likely to be declared non-attainment for the new 8-hour ozone standard.

Particulate Matter 2.5 (PM2.5) - Information on PM2.5 pollution, its effects, and the designations of counties in Tennessee.

Radon Program - A program designed to lead to the reduction of levels of radon in buildings by raising awareness, offering training and testing.

Southeastern Alternative Fuels Task Force

Regulatory Information

Regulations - Exit TDEC website - courtesy of the Secretary of State's Office

Summary of Permits:


Office of Environmental Assistance - The Office of Environmental Assistance program provides information and non-regulatory support to businesses, schools, local governments, industries, organizations and individuals in order to prevent and reduce environmental impacts.

Office of Environmental Assistance: Clean Air Assistance Program - Provides regulatory compliance assistance to small businesses through workshops and onsite visits.