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Information about the programs dedicated to protecting and improving Tennessee's Land Resources through effective management of solid waste, hazardous materials, site cleanup and product stewardship.

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Program Areas

Division of DOE Oversight - The DOE Oversight Division was established to implement TDEC's responsibilities under the Tennessee Oversight Agreement (TOA).  The TOA is designed to assure the citizens of Tennessee that their health, safety, and environment are being protected through existing programs and substantial new commitments by the Department of Energy.

Division of Geology - The Division of Geology promotes the prudent development and conservation of Tennessee’s geological, energy and mineral resources by developing and maintaining data bases, maps and technical services that provide accurate geologic hazard assessments and information through publications and outreach activities.

Division of Remediation - The mission of this Division is to discover, investigate, abate, and clean up hazardous substance sites in order to minimize unfavorable impacts on the public health and the environment.

Division of Solid and Hazardous Waste Management - Information regarding solid waste processing and disposal (including landfills) is available from the Division of Solid/Hazardous Waste Management. Hazardous waste generation, recycling, storage, transportation, treatment and disposal within Tennessee is also regulated by this Division.

Division of Underground Storage Tanks - The mission of the Division of Underground Storage Tanks is to protect human health and environment by preventing future petroleum underground storage tank releases and remediating existing petroleum underground storage tank contamination.

Resource Information/Reports

Tennessee Environment and Conservation Videos

Egyptian Lacquer Manufacturing Company Cleanup Information


Environmental Stewardship Awards - Annual awards recognizing the many voluntary efforts throughout the state that improve environmental and conservation stewardship.

Public Participation Opportunities - A list of current public notices of permitting decisions, public hearings, and rule-making activities available on-line.

Board Meetings - The public is invited to attend the meetings of our regulatory boards.

Annual Solid/Hazardous Waste Conference and Exhibition

Governor's Land and Water Forum

Recycling Program - Provides a recycling program for state employees, coordination of recycling events, and database maintenance and referral for materials exchange, used oil, antifreeze, and battery collection sites and transporters.

Household Hazardous Waste Program - Provides household hazardous waste collection and proper disposal through weekend county events by a contractor.

Agricultural Pesticide Waste Collection Program - Provides information on environmentally sound disposal of waste/restricted use pesticides.

Solid Waste Plan Approval Program - Promotes sound integrated solid waste management practices with regard to collection, disposal, recycling, education, and reduction

Tire Management Program - Includes the routine shredding of scrap tires for disposal, the abatement of unpermitted disposal sites, and assistance to reuse markets.

Regulatory Information

Regulations - exittdec3.gif (1060 bytes) - courtesy of the Secretary of State's Office

Summary of Permits:


Office of Environmental Assistance - The Office of Environmental Assistance program provides information and non-regulatory support to businesses, schools, local governments, industries, organizations and individuals in order to prevent and reduce environmental impacts.

Small Business Environmental Assistance Program - Provides regulatory compliance assistance to small businesses through workshops and onsite visits.

Solid Waste Grant Program -   Provides grants for recycling efforts, material recovery facilities, clean-up of waste tires, updating solid waste plans, household hazardous waste programs, solid waste education programs, and the promotion of end-use markets.

Voluntary Cleanup Oversight and Assistance Program (VOAP) - Offers people the opportunity to work proactively with state government to address necessary cleanup of a property to return it to productive use.