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Information about the programs dedicated to protecting and improving Tennessee's Water Quality.

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Program Areas

Division of Ground Water Protection - If you need information regarding the installation of septic tanks and underground disposal systems, call the Division of Ground Water Protection.

State Revolving Fund Loan Programs - Provide loans to local governments (cities, counties, and utility districts) for water and wastewater facilities. State Revolving Loan funds support water and wastewater system projects so communities can achieve and maintain compliance with regulatory standards and improve water quality. Tennessee's State Revolving Fund Loan Program has provided low-interest loans for a variety of projects--large to small and east to west--from a large combined sewer overflow correction project to a raw water transmission line extension project to a wastewater treatment improvement and expansion project

Division of Water Pollution Control - Information regarding the quality of Tennessee's rivers and streams, NPDES water quality permits, gravel dredging, and surface mining can be obtained by calling the Division of Water Pollution Control.

Division of Water Supply - The Division of Water Supply can provide you with information regarding Tennessee's drinking water supplies, and ground water.

Resource Information/Reports

Tennessee Environment and Conservation Water Videos

Watershed Water Quality Management Plans

Water Pollution Control Publications

Known Exceptional Tennessee Waters - Updated July 21, 2008

Mercury Levels in Tennessee Fish

Fishing and Bacteriological Advisories in Tennessee

Tennessee's Online Water Quality Assessment Exits TDEC web site

EPA's Water Quality Standards Web site Exits TDEC web site

EPA Approved Final 2008 303(d) List of Impaired Waters in Tennessee

2008 305(b) Report - The Status of Water Quality in Tennessee

2008 Tennessee Groundwater 305b Water Quality Report

Individual Source Water Assessments for Public Water Systems Exit TDEC

TDEC Dam Locations: #This link exits the TDEC web site

Tennessee's Scenic Rivers Program

Groundwater Classification Rules with Departmental Guidance

Erosion and Sediment Control Handbook - 2002


Environmental Stewardship Awards - Annual awards recognizing the many voluntary efforts throughout the state that improve environmental and conservation stewardship.

Public Participation Opportunities - A list of current public notices of permitting decisions, public hearings, and rule-making activities available on-line.

Board Meetings - The public is invited to attend the meetings of our regulatory boards.

A Landowner's Guide to Streambank Protection and Stabilization

The Watershed Management Approach

Information on Tennessee's TMDL Program

Unified Watershed Assessment and Restoration Plan

Tennessee's Unified Watershed Assessment Categories

Regulatory Information

Regulations - Exit TDEC- courtesy of the Secretary of State's Office

Storm Water Discharges Permitting - Phase I and II
Information, resources, and links, including Phase I & II MS4 permitting programs

Summary of Permits:


Office of Environmental Assistance - The Office of Environmental Assistance program provides information and non-regulatory support to businesses, schools, local governments, industries, organizations and individuals in order to prevent and reduce environmental impacts.

Aquatic Resource Alteration Permit (ARAP) Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Questions and Answers about Reissuance of Tennessee Multi-Sector General Permit (TMSP), for Storm Water Discharges Associated with Industrial Activity. EPA Questions and Answers about storm water permitting.

Do I Need an Inter-Basin Transfer Permit?

The Water and Wastewater State Revolving Fund (SRF) Loan Programs - Provide loans to local governments (cities, counties, and utility districts) for water and wastewater facilities.

Water and Wastewater Operator Training and Certification Program - Provides training, testing and certification of water and wastewater operators at the Fleming Training Center in Murfreesboro, Tennessee.

Water and Wastewater Needs Assessment and Facility Plans Review Program - Provides reviews and submission to EPA of twenty-year water and wastewater needs in Tennessee, and the environmental review and approval of facility plans for SRF loans.