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What Can I Do?

Tennessee faces serious air quality challenges. All of us (government, business and citizens) have an important role to play in meeting those challenges. The links on this page provide information on voluntary steps that citizens and employers can take to improve air quality. Together, we can achieve cleaner air and protect the quality of life in our beautiful state.

There are many reasons for all of us to be concerned about air quality. First, air pollution is a serious threat to public health, and the health care costs associated with poor air quality impose a large burden on our economy. But air pollution can also have significant negative impacts on tourism, economic development, transportation spending, and forest and crop yields.

There are many things that citizens and employers can do to reduce emissions and help improve air quality. Many of those actions are easily taken, while others will require more effort. These information links provide lots of ideas for each of us to consider. We hope this page will make it easier for Tennessee citizens and employers to choose those action steps that they will take to achieve cleaner air.