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Environmental Permits Handbook

Aquatic Resources Alteration Permit


(Adobe Reader required)
General Permit for the Alteration of Wet Weather Conveyances WetWeatherConveyances.pdf
General Permit for Bank Stabilization BankStabilization.pdf
General Permit for Construction and Removal of Minor Road Crossings MinorRoadCrossings.pdf
General Permit for Construction of Launching Ramps and Public Access Structures LaunchingRamps.pdf
General Permit for Construction of Intake and Outfall Structures IntakeOutfallStructures.pdf
General Permit for Emergency Road Repair EmergencyRoadRepair.pdf
General Permit for Maintenance Activities Maintenance.pdf
General Permit for Minor Alterations to Wetlands MinorWetlands.pdf
General Permit for Minor Dredging and Filling MinorDredgingFilling.pdf
General Permit for Sand and Gravel Dredging Sand&GravelDredging.pdf
General Permit for Sediment Removal for Stream Remediation SedimentRemoval.pdf
General Permit for Stream Restoration and Habitat Enhancement StreamRestoration.pdf
General Permit for Surveying and Geotechnical Exploration SurveyingGeotechnical.pdf
General Permit for Utility Line Crossings UtilityLine.pdf
General Permit for Wetlands Restoration and Enhancement WetlandsRestoration.pdf

All 2005 ARAP General Permits



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