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The importance of long range planning in the provision of parks and recreations services within the State of Tennessee is paramount for local communities. Fast pace changes are occurring through population growth, increasing housing developments and decreasing open space that effect parks and recreation services. Communities need to plan for the future in a pro active manner and develop a vision for the quality and extent of recreation services. RES will require a minimum 5 year long range plan as part of the 2008 Local Parks and Recreation Fund Grant (LPRF) Application. Below is an example guide for use by communities to start the planning process. Contact your PARTAS Consultants for further assistance.

Long Range Planning Guide

The Recreation Educational Services Division’s Parks and Recreation Technical Advisory Service concentrates on increasing opportunities for and enhancing the quality and diversity of recreation systems in Tennessee. The program provides technical assistance, networks with providers of public recreation, and distributes publications pertaining to parks and recreation.

Long Range Planning Guide


The Recreation Resources Planning Section is responsible for maintaining Tennessee’s eligibility to receive federal LWCF funds and for enhancing state and local recreation planning efforts. The section develops the Statewide Recreation Plan, which is designed to be a framework for recreation planning at all levels of government. The plan requires diversified public input and an advisory committee for the enhancement of Tennessee’s recreation delivery systems.

The Recreation Planning staff assists REC and the Grants Section with data, on-site planning assistance, maps, assessment of demands for recreation activity, special needs requirements and other related items. The section also serves as the focal point for the recreation Geographic Information System program as it coordinates, collects, records, and distributes information regarding recreation services available to the public.


How does your department compare with others in the state? Want direction in improving the quality and effectiveness of your department? The RES Benchmarking Program can answer these questions and more. Benchmarking is a process used in management and particularly strategic management, in which organizations evaluate various aspects of their processes in relation to best practice with the goal of increasing efficiency and quality of products and services, while reducing costs.

RES recognizes the importance benchmarking can have on the quality of local leisure services provided in the State of Tennessee and has incorporated it in the 2008 LPRF/LWCF grant cycle. We developed a benchmarking guide and application that can lead any size department and community through the process in the links below. Contact your regional PARTAS Consultant for assistance with our Parks and Recreation Benchmarking Program.

Benchmarking Application Instructions
Benchmarking Application