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Pollution Prevention Links

The best way to practice pollution prevention is simply to reduce our use of resources.  When we minimize manufacturing of new products, we are practicing natural resource conservation, energy conservation, and waste reduction.

Here are some ways you can reduce:

  • Avoid using disposables that end up as trash
  • Install low-flow water faucets, showerheads, toilets
  • Think before you buy; avoid impulse buying
  • Learn to share
  • Rent machinery or tools rather than buying
  • Only use pesticides when and where pests are present
  • Water only in the morning or evening
  • Use both sides of paper when copying, faxing, writing, or coloring

For more information about the Tennessee Pollution Prevention Partnership, please contact Karen Grubbs at 615-532-0463 or 1-800-734-3619 or by email at [email protected].