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The Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation is helping all citizens do their part for our shared environment through the Tennessee Pollution Prevention Partnership, or TP3. This network of Tennessee households, schools, government agencies, organizations, businesses, and industries demonstrates that pollution prevention protects the environment, saves money, and improves communities.

What's New with TP3!

Come To One Of Our TP3-PT Workshops

These workshops will provide guidance to advance through the Tennessee Pollution Prevention Partnership (TP3) levels, mentoring and outreach opportunities, and networking opportunities.  TP3 Partners, TP3 Performers, and EPA Performance Track (PT) members will also be encouraged to consider dual membership in the state and federal environmental leadership programs.

q       Understand the criteria for advancing through the TP3 levels

q       Learn about US EPA's Performance Track (PT) program

q       Hear innovative P2 projects and membership benefits from TP3 and PT members

q       Network with and get assistance from TP3 and PT members in your area

q       Share your ideas on what TP3 can do for you

For times, contact person, and additional information please see this flyer.

Congratulations to the Jobe Household and Poplar Grove School which recently acheived TP3 Partner status.

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How Can We Make a Difference?

Would you like more information about TP3?  You can sign up to become a TP3 member online!  Be sure to fill in all the fields.

Many Tennesseans now realize that protecting our shared natural environment is everyone's responsibility. Tennessee is blessed with beautiful scenic mountains, native hardwood forests, pristine rivers and streams, unique glades and barrens, each with diverse plant and animal communities. It takes all of us to keep Tennessee's natural resources sustainable for future generations.

The Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation has a program designed to help all citizens from all walks of life do their part for Tennessee's environment. People can choose to participate from home, school, or their work place. The Tennessee Pollution Prevention Partnership, or TP3, is a great way for your household, school, government agency, organization, business, or industry to learn about pollution prevention and natural resource conservation, while realizing cost savings at the same time.

As a member of TP3, you will be part of a growing network of Tennesseans making smart choices to benefit the environment. By saving energy, reducing waste, and eliminating hazardous chemicals, you can prevent pollution of our air, land, and water. We believe that your actions, in concert with others, will improve the quality of life in our homes, workplaces, and communities.

Valuable resources are easily available for learning about pollution prevention.  TP3 has compiled resource links to many sites, just to get you started, or to provide more in-depth information.

Pollution prevention technical assistance and educational information are available from our staff by request, through web resources, and from other TP3 members.

Membership Information
TP3 boasts a dirverse membership of households, schools, government agencies, organizations, businesses, and industries. We welcome members who are new to pollution prevention principles, as well as those who really have a well-developed environmental management system in place. No matter what your interest, there is a TP3 membership level to suit your needs and goals. Click here for the TP3 Criteria Overview.

Prospect -- Shows interest in protecting the environment by signing up for TP3.

Pledge-- Commits to positive environmental action by pledging to initiate simple pollution prevention practices.

Partner -- Develops a five-project TP3 plan that will prevent pollution of our air, land, and water while conserving natural resources.  Completion of one project and submission of a Success Story earns Partner status.

Performer -- Completes the four remaining projects, and submits success stories that detail measurable improvements.  Involves the community in pollution prevention activities and mentors others in the partnership.

Membership Benefits
TP3 members will learn specific ways to practice pollution prevention and natural resource conservation. They will be a part of our statewide network of like-minded households, schools, government agencies, organizations, businesses, and industries.  Making contacts and sharing successful project ideas is a significant benefit of membership. Members will receive information on scheduled pollution prevention conferences, seminars, and projects assuring priority for limited-seating events. Through these opportunities, TP3 members will discover new ideas on how pollution prevention, save money, and protect our planet.

Each membership level attained will provide the TP3 member with the following material rewards:

Pledge - Frameable certificate
Partner - Frameable certificate & TP3 logo decal
Performer - Frameable certificate, TP3 logo flag, & use of TP3 logo

Recognition and Appreciation

Partners and Performers are given public recognition in departmental press releases, newspapers, on our web site, and in presentations at conferences and workshops. Peer recognition is given through trade associations, journals, and awards programs. TP3 industries are eligible for state and national environmental leadership programs (Performance Track).

For more information about the Tennessee Pollution Prevention Partnership, please contact Curtis Hopper at 615-253-1729 or 1-800-734-3619 or by email at [email protected]